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4DW Adventures with McSuds Car Wash Cairns

The team at McSuds Car Wash located behind Cairns Central Shopping in the Cairns CBD spend their weekends on the road, getting their 4WD ready for a clean Monday morning.

Here re two favourites.


This off road trip is probably a bit much for a day trip, especially if you want to take your time and enjoy the scenery, but it offers some different country to the previous Wet Tropics drives.

Heading north from Dimbulah the road follow parts of the old railway line to the Mt Mulligan mine. On the way you pass the old Thornborough cemetery and the road into the Tyrconnell mine.

Both Mt Mulligan and Tyrconnell offer accommodation options.

Mt Mulligan is spectacular and unlike anything else you will see in north Queensland.

You can wander freely (and carefully) around the mine ruins but please don’t take souvenirs.

Heading north you cross the Hodgkinson River and then eventually the Mitchell River.

The owners of the property around the Mitchell allow camping but please leave the place tidy.

Soon you are back on the bitumen west of Mt Carbine. Allow 10 to 12 hours for the drive from Cairns and avoid this route after heavy rain. It can also be very dry and dusty when it’s not wet!


This is another dry country road but its slightly more civilised.

West from Dimbulah, the road leaves the bitumen at Petford and initially follows Emu Creek, which has a number of sightseeing opportunities.

Emu Creek is one of the best streams in FNQ for camping, swimming and exploring.

Castle Rock, another notable spot, is on your left after about 6 kms.

Also further along the road at Emuford there are some more potential places along the creek to stop and explore – particularly after a good wet season.

The road continuing on to Irvinebank winds through scenic and historic countryside.

At Irvinebank you have the choice of continuing to Herberton or taking the diversion to Mt Misery and back down to the Silver Valley road, assuming you haven’t had enough dirt roads yet!

That will get your car dirty. Visit McSuds Car Wash located behind Cairns Central in the Cairns CBD for Laser Wash and Send Serve Bays, Vacs and Steam Cleaning.

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